Organisational Development through Learning Simulations

pixelfountain delivers innovative training courses and provides licences of learning simulations (serious games) to local councils, public sector organisations and the private sector.

"The simulation nature coupled with the discussion with other ‘teams’ made a welcome change from the usual death by power point and sleep inducing presentations. A well run event, which really got the message across in a stimulating and innovative way."


Our licenced learning simulations are easy to use and can be utilised in your  programmes such as: management training, induction, team building, partnership building, organisational development and recruitment. The prices of learning simulations represent excellent value for money. The learning simulations are provided with a trainer guide, worksheets and support exercises to get the most out of them. Click here to see our portfolio of learning simulations and for more information about our bespoke learning simulation development services.

"LSP Board meetings should be more like this, in fact all meetings could be more like this!"


Our learning simulations  and strategy, planning and collaboration tools to bring clarity to complex problems. In our programmes, delegates ‘experience’ the real-world; where they see the big picture, understand cause and effect, and together develop win-win solutions. This approach creates dialogue & builds relationships. We also use them in Behavioural Leadership - see www.behaviouralleadership.com.

Blending the best of traditional and interactive learning, our approach has been used in over 450 workshops  to successfully train more than 6,500 individuals. We have delivered learning programmes in local councils, public sector, housing associations, community & voluntary sector and the private sector. Long–term evaluation of our learning simulation approach has shown that the immediate benefits translate into changed behaviour, better decision making and improved skills, which ultimately are incorporated into organisational improvements.

“[I liked the] Teamwork – encouraging all members to think as one, working towards the same goal. Communications with other team members – taking all views into account.”


  • Improved working relationships including breaking down silos and developing an outward focus.
  • Values alignment via team building and induction programmes.
  • Staff see the big pictures and understand how they play a role in it.
  • Organisations think in terms of cause & effect and long-term planning.
  • Improving current leaders and identifying leaders of the future (transformational leadership).
  • Improved partnerships: collaborative gain (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts).
  • Improving efficiency, service quality and shared services.
  • Organisations gain common understanding of their area.
  • Council improvements: political parties work together.
  • Local authorities and  partners embed sustainable development into their Community Strategy.
  • Understanding and adapting to the changing world - economy, climate change, sustainable development.

“[I liked] The simulation approach - it did what you said at the beginning, you learn from doing..”

pixelfountain has been developing learning simulations (serious games) for over a decade. During that time we have developed 15 simulations. Most have been developed for our own portfolio, but we have undertaken bespoke work as well.

With bespoke learning simulation development, it is worth noting that the development process itself can be configured into learning. A group of delegates provide input to the simulation over a number of sessions. This achieved through a series of exercises where delegates gain a new perspective on the organisation while giving information that can be utilised in the simulation.  If you want to know more about our bespoke service click here.  

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