Wondering how Games Based Learning Could Work for You?

At games-ED, we provide innovative, teacher-led collaborative games based learning.  Our games support: subject understanding;personal, learning & thinking skills; and cross curriculum dimensions. They support multiple learning styles and build on the principle that learning can be fun. The games are easy to deliver and provide interactive / experiential learning that promotes collaboration, enables problem solving and accelerates learning.

Our current games based learning covers young people’s issues, sustainable development and climate change and support learning in primary schools,secondary schools and colleges / universities. To accommodate learners of different ages the learning games can be played at varying levels and supported with different activities.

"The children were fully engaged for all the session and the ‘buzz’ in the room was one of real active learning." - Deputy Headteacher

Innovation in Learning

games-ED exercises are played collaboratively. The students are split into teams, take on different roles in a simulation and collectively make improvements. The games are supported with additional activities that reflect on the learning and stretch the learners.

The learning game can be run in a timetable slot, or can be extended for use in an event / thematic day.

The games work around a PLAN > DO > REVIEW structure. The teams must plan their strategy based on their objectives, make purchase decisions and negotiate win-wins, observe the results of their decisions and start the cycle again. For more information about this, click here.

It was fun to work in a group and run a town because we could improve the community.” - Pupil

Flexible Learning

Our games based learning can support subjects such as: Enterprise, Geography, Health and Social Care, PSHE, Science and Sociology in the Key Stage 2-4 Curriculum.

They can also be used in Further and Higher Education in courses such as Business Studies, Environmental Courses, Economics, Geography, and Planning / Policy.

They also provide an innovative way to deliver whole school activities such as Eco-Schools and Sustainable Schools or staff training / team building.

Method of Delivery

The games can be delivered entirely by school/college staff. Alternatively, we can come in and deliver a session for you. Further down the line, students who are experienced in the game can deliver to others.

The games are easy to deliver with inbuilt help and are supplied with pdfs of teaching guide, worksheets and materials. To download the teaching guide, click here:

The students were engaged in the activity and enjoyed seeing the results of their decisions." - Assistant Headteacher

Our Products

We currently have four products: Sustainaville, The Climate Game, Young People First and Planit-Housing. For more information on these products, view:

For a demo of Sustainaville, click here.

For a demo of Young People First, click here.

For a demo of The Climate Game, click here.

I liked the way we had a lot of freedom, and it was exciting to find out the difference after each round. I also liked the money thing.” - Pupil

Contact Us

If you'd like to know more about the products and how they can benefit you, please get in touch.

Telephone: 0161 427 8684

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