Thursday, 4 June 2015

Behavioural Leadership - Organisation Development via Games Based Learning

We have written on this blog for a while. Sorry about that folks. The main reason has been the work that we have been doing on a new venture - Behavioural Leadership.

Behavioural Leadership utilises the latest research into people-centred management using Transactional Analysis and Behavioural Economics. Our Behavioural Leadership approach uses experiential learning and Transactional Learning & Coaching to deliver behavioural breakthroughs.

As you would expect from people who are passionate about games based learning at Behavioural Leadership we use collaborative learning simulations to root the experience in a situation. As we say on our experiential learning page, this creates a rich situation that is far removed from death by PowerPoint and combines visual, auditory AND kinaesthetic approaches to create meaningful and memorable experiences. This multiple learning styles approach is supported by research undertaken by IBM and confirmed by the Post Office discovered that long term recall is affected by how the information was originally delivered. Recall after being told was 10%; told and shown (32%) and told, shown and experienced (65%) – Source Whitmore, 2003.

We present case studies which often involve the use of learning simulations and other technology such as e-Learning. We update these on a regular basis, so our game based learning followers might want to keep an eye out for them.

And finally for those who like their information in blog form, then we might be able to help. At the Behavioural Leadership blog we write about the use of Transactional Analysis and Behavioural Economics in organisational development. And within that context, we discuss experiential learning and in particular learning simulations.