Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How Google Glass Could be Used in Education - An Infographic

Hello again after my short break from blogging!  I am afraid I was very busy sitting my final year university exams (and am pleased to say I achieved a first class honours) and then I travelled to Brazil for the World Cup.  I thought I'd share this fantastic infographic with you as my first post back, enjoy and as always please share your thoughts in the comments section.  Click the infographic for a larger, interactive version.
How Google Glass might be used in Education – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges

As you can see there are many ways that Google Glass technology could be used to enhance education and update learning for the 21st Century.  It also fits in with some of the other educational movements we have discussed previously on the blog, such as Flipped Classrooms, Project Based Learning, Multiple Learning Styles and so on.  As always, it is a technological tool that doesn't provide all the answers, but alongside these educational movements as well as Gamification, Games Based Learning and so on, education could fit more with the 21st Century world and really benefit students... and teachers.

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